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ชัยวัฒน์ สถาอานันท์
ต้านอธรรมและความตาย ประสบการณ์นักรบสันติวิธีมุสลิม
Bangkok Muslims and the Tourist Trade
Crossing the Enemy’s Line: Helping the Others in Violent Situations through Nonviolent Action
Exploring Myths on Nonviolent
Fighting Armed Conflict with Conflict Transformation: Agenda for Human Rights Workers in Southeast Asia
Forgiveness as a Non-Violent Security Policy: An Analysis of Thai Prime Ministerial Order 66/23
Forgiveness in Southeast Asia: Political Necessity and Sacred Justifications
Fostering “Authoritarian Democracy”: The Effect of Violent Solutions in Southern Thailand
Kru-ze: A Theatre for Renegotiating Muslim Identity
Praying in the Rain: The Politics of Engaged Muslims in Anti-War Protest in Thai Society
"Self" as a Problem in Islam: A Reading of Abdul Qadir Gilani's Discourse
Teaching Non-violence to the States
The Color of Alternatives?: Rethinking Nonviolence in the Twenty-first Century
The Internationalization of Ethnic Conflict: The World According to The Thai Muslims
The Nonviolence Crescent: Eight Theses on Muslim Nonviolent Actions
The Politics of Cultural Citizenship: A Second Look at "Buddhist Cultural Tradition and the National Identity in Thailand"
The Politics of Forgiveness
The Prophets and the Murderers: Re-enchanting Peace with Prophetic Paradigms
The Silence of the Bullet Monument: Violence and Truth Management, Dusun-nyor 1948 and Kru-ze 2004
Three Prophet's Nonviolent Actions: Case Stories from the Lives of the Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad
Transforming Terrorism with Muslims' Nonviolent Alternatives?
Two Plots of Nonviolence Stories: From the Streets of Bangkok to the Forests of Thailand
Understanding the Success of Terrorism

อุบลรัตน์ ศิริยุวศักดิ์
A Genealogy of Media Reform in Thailand and Its Discourses
Asianizing K-Pop: Production, Consumption and Identification Patterns among Thai Youth
Commercialising the Sound of the People: Pleng Luktoong and the Thai Pop Music Industry
Community Radio Movement: Towards Reforming the Broadcast Media in Thailand
Cultural Control and Globalized Culture: Conflicting Interests and Discursive Practice
Regulation Reform and the Question of Democratising the Broadcast Media in Thailand
New Media for Civil Society and Political Censorship in Thailand
People's Media and Communication Rights in Indonesia and the Philippines
The Ambiguity of the 'Emerging' Public Sphere and the Thai Media Industry
The Development of a Participatory Democracy: Raison D'Etre for Media Reform in Thailand
The media, Cultural Politics and the Nation-state
The State of Women and Media: Focus on Violence Against Women, Thailand Country Report, January 1998
Who Owns the Asian Media: Thailand Media Report

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